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A new concept in high-speed elevators.

Toshiba never stops introducing the latest technologies and polishing its high-speed elevator expertise. Toshiba proves this again with New ELBRIGHT: a new elevator for a new age. Toshiba engineering has combined to produce the world's first inverter-control high-speed elevator, with high efficiency control, energy eficiency and quiet operation demanded by today's society.

Toshiba's New ELBRIGHT high speed elevators are applicable to a range of travelling speed starting from 2 mps to 4 mps with a passenger carrying capacity of 544 kgs to 1600 kgs.

Saving 50% of machine room space. High speed elevator with inverter control.

Elevators installed should fulfill the needs of the building and the passengers. Toshiba has developed "NewELBRIGHT" with the latest technology to achieve quiet operation and energy saving by applying the thin and single inspection type control panel. Also, the traction machine used is much more compact than before, reduces the required machine room space up to 50%

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Newly developed small and slim control panel realizes space-saving machine room.

Toshiba equips New Elbright's control system with newly developed small inverter unit. Also downsized peripheral equipments, integrated multifunctional digital line, small sized control panel device and efficiently implemented layout realizes slim line control panel.

Additionally, adequately considered design of control panel reduces working space for maintenance and thus space is saved in the machine room.

Regenerative electric power system.

New ELBRIGHT introduces new regenerative electric power system "PWM converter" for more energy savings. The combination of PWM-converter and inverter system impressively creates regenerated electric power.

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