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Toshiba’s auto-roads facilitate the convenient and rapidhorizontal and inclined transportation of people traffic at public places likeairports, metro stations, mega shopping malls etc.

Running at the rated speed of 30 meters per minute, maximumpassenger carrying capacity of 9000 persons per hour and with an optional inclination angle of 12°, Toshiba Auto roads ensure safe, smooth and sturdymovement of passengers.

►  Aesthetic

With bright glass decorating board and frisk line in clarity, harmony is combined perfectly with asthetics.

►  Innovative

The modern design and skills are perfectly presented in front of your eyes.

►  Enjoying

The expansion of pavement, the interveining of space, and the moving can rest your exhausted body and heart.

►  Practical

When shuttling among the crowd coming and going, you may casually find the simply but convenient autoroad has quietly integrated with the life at rapid rhythm.

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