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Compact Machine Room Type Passenger Elevators

The top class compact machine room elevator “ELCOSMO-III” has been developed based on Toshiba’s long experience as represented by world’s fastest elevator. ELCOSMO-III employs newly developed compact PMSM motor, drive system, energy regenerative system and LED lightings which enable high energy efficiency. Furthermore, by employing roller guide for both car and counter weight, lubricant oil will not be necessary which formerly used guide shoe required.

ELCOSMO-III is applicable in spec range of capacity from 612 kgs to1972kgs at speed range from 1m/s to 3m/s.

►  Technology
Technology for Energy Conservation

► Traction Machine Designed and Manufactured by Toshiba

  • Toshiba has manufactured motors for over 100 years since 1895. In comparison to other manufacturers, the motors produced by Toshiba promise better quality assurance and quality control.
  • Compact PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) for space saving.

  • Over 30% lower power consumption (compared to conventional electric motor).

  • Gearless traction without gear oil for low vibration, low noise and better environmental conservation.

  • Long-axis motor design for a smaller motor diameter, winding in beam, advanced and compact.
►  Electrical Brake System for Rescue
►  More Scientific Structure
►  Door Motor Designed and Manufactured by Toshiba

►  Reduction of Standby Power Consumption
►  LED Lighting

Under equal brightness, theoretically the LED lighting system only consumes 10% of an incandescent lamp and 50% of an fluorescent lamp.The environment-friendly features of LED lighting include: 1) reduction of carbon dioxide and other wastes; 2) no hazardous heavy metals, such as mercury and lead; 3) no flashing, ultraviolet components and radiation pollution.

►  Use of Roller Guide Shoe

Roller guide shoe is used instead of the conventional sliding guide shoe. It is featured with:

  • Comfort: Using the successful vibration damping solution from the high-end elevator type, riding comfort is further improved after roller guide shoe is mounted on the car.

  • High efficiency: visibly improve the mechanical efficiency with lower friction and energy consumption.

  • Compactness: Due to the advanced design of compact spring-type roller guide shoe, the damping spring which used to be laid horizontally is set upright to further reduce the space occupied by the guide shoe and thus available for all existing types of machine by overcoming the space limitation.

  • Environmental conservation: The parts such as lubrication oil and lubrication unit are eliminated and replaced with long-life rubber roller to reduce environmental pollution.
►  Energy Regeneration

Toshiba emphasizes on environmental conservation all the time. The consumption of energy feedback system is different from using regenerative resistance. Energy regenerative device feeds energy back to the power grid while the traction machine is under power generation to achieve high-efficiency energy utilization and suppress the temperature rise in the machine room, which results in over 38% energy conservation (with the assumption of 1050kg,1.75m/s, 12-hour operation per day, 25 days per month).

►  Environment
Toshiba Makes Positive Approaches for Environmental Conservation
►  Supply of Environmental Friendly Products
  • Dry guide rail without rail oil.

  • Maintenance-free designed oil buffer without leakage problem, which provides sustainable and reliable operation.
►  Noise Control

New developed gear engagement has significantly reduces the noise and vibration that would be caused by gear engagement of conventional gear-type traction machine. Lower motor rotor speed leads to noise reduction resulting from high-speed electric motor. Integration of VVVF control system and PMSM gearless system technology, makes riding more comfortable. In such an elevator, you will enjoy the feeling of elegance and grace while be taken to the desired floor.

►  Lead-free Design of Base Plate, RoHS Compliance and Elimination of Specific Chemical Substances (15 Classifications)

Continuous concern on the RoHS compliance, eliminating 15 classifications of specific chemical substances, and using the lead-free technique for main circuit boards.

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