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Monitoring safety and comfort

Regular maintenance is important for safe and comfortableelevator operation. In addition to our regularly scheduled maintenanceprograms, we provide monitoring and remote inspection services that ensure arapid and appropriate response in the unlikely event of a malfunction, evenwhen parts must be replaced. 

Our Global Maintenance Support System [G.M.S.S.]is a unique concept designed to deliver efficient and rapid response for allfield service operations. It aims to significantly reduce the response timefrom the instant a breakdown takes place in the elevator or escalator till thebreakdown is actually attended by the route technician. In this process thebreakdown call is directly routed to the concerned technician bypassing thetime consumed in routing the call through centralized call centre. In order tofamiliarize our customers with maintenance concerns and make maintenance easierto understand, we have initiated our service for standard elevators, whichprovides maintenance plans tailored to customer needs. All of these ongoingprograms and services are implemented with one goal and that is to ensurecustomer’s satisfaction.

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